Publication of the 3rd edition of the Treaty on International Trade and Foreign Investment Law, co-authored by Mathias Audit, partner Steering Legal Paris

The 3rd edition of the treaty on International Trade and Foreign Investment Law – co-written by Mathias Audit, partner of Steering Legal Paris and professor at the University of Paris Sorbonne, and Professors S. Bollé and P. Callé – has just been published by Lextenso Editions.

The book deals with two distinct but closely related and even complementary branches of law:

Presentation of the work by Lextenso:

The legal treatment of international economic relations involves two sets of rules: those of international trade law and those of foreign investment law. Traditionally presented as distinct and approached as such, the two branches are nevertheless closely linked: while the first represents the normative framework within which all international economic transactions take place, the second introduces specific mechanisms to regulate and possibly protect transactions aimed at obtaining or developing an asset on the territory of a foreign State.

The approach taken in this book is based on this complementarity, which consists in dealing with each of the two branches at the same time. It deals successively with the legal status of the actors involved in international economic relations (commercial companies, but also States and other public authorities), the regime of operations and litigation, both judicial and arbitral.

The book is intended for students following courses relating to international trade law, foreign investment law or more specific aspects such as international contracts, arbitration or international judicial litigation. It is also intended for legal professionals whose practice relates to international affairs.

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