State bankruptcy: podcast of Mathias Audit (1st episode on May 20) on Amicus radio

Mathias Audit, has recorded a podcast in 5 episodes on the theme of the bankruptcy of States on Amicus radio *, a web radio created by the Institute of Higher Studies on Justice (IHEJ).

The 1st episode has just been put online, the 4 following episodes will be broadcasted on the next 4 Mondays.

Listen to the first episode here.

* Amicus Radio is a European initiative with a global reach which aims to encourage and facilitate the production of knowledge and ideas on law and all forms of justice. It is a catalogue of original podcasts (columns, magazines, reports, interviews and documentaries), to be listened to online or downloaded. Carried by a team of presenters from various backgrounds – magistrates, professors, journalists, lawyers – these podcasts strive to make the law audible and accessible, beyond its disciplinary, cultural or geographical boundaries.