GDPR Advice

Our GDPR brochure to assist you in becoming compliant

We have created a brochure on the GDPR in the form of a practical guide to assist you in becoming compliant with the new regulation on the protection of personal data, which is in force since 25 May 2018.

We have also set up a unit dedicated to compliance with the new legislation.

For information on the major principles of the new data protection system, on enacting the appropriate measures and to see the firm’s dedicated team, you can read our brochure: GPDR180524 Brochure

Read the articles of Frédéric Raimbault, partner, lawyer at the Angers Bar:

Le RGPD bouleverse aussi la France (The GDPR has also created an upheaval in France), article by Frédéric Raimbault, The LJA

It’s true – despite what what you may be led to believe, the GDPR has also created an upheaval in France, changing the philosophy of our personal data protection system and leading to organizational changes in businesses and administrations.

Read the article published on p. 8 of No. 1344 of 2 April 2018 of the Lettre des Juristes d’Affaires (LJA)

Les effets contractuels du RGPD dans le secteur public (The impact of the GDPR on public sector contracts): article by Frédéric Raimbault, La Gazette des communes

Frédéric Raimbault, Partner at Steering Legal Angers, wrote the article Données personnelles et commandes publiques : de nouvelles clauses contractuelles à prévoir (Personal data and public contracts: new contract clauses to provide for), published in La Gazette des communes, on 29 March 2018.

Read the article here

Source: La Gazette des communes– 29 March 2018

Anticiper le RGPD (Planning for the GDPR): article by Frédéric Raimbault, Le Cercle des Echos

Frédéric Raimbault, Partner at Steering Angers, wrote the article Données nominatives : anticiper les mesures à prendre pour respecter le RGPD au 28 mai 2018 (Personal data: planning for the necessary measures for compliance with the GDPR on 28 May 2018), published in Le Cercle des Echos, on 28 February 2018.

See the article here

Source: Les Echos – 28 February 2018