Boulevard de l’Indépendance
Cité Poudrière CI 18 | N°3927
Populaire cité Fayçal | BP: 10.014
Niamey | Niger

Tel.: +227 20 74 25 97


To assist its clients in their development in West Africa, Steering Legal opened an office in Niamey, Niger in 2014, in partnership with the Kadri, law firm directed by Maître Oumarou Sanda Kadri, with whom the firm has a long-term special professional and personal relationship.  In the heart of the Niger capital, the Niamey office carries out activities in all the countries of West Africa. It regularly provides support to groups, both French and international, in the following areas:

  • Privatisation process
  • Granting of exploration, mining and oil drilling permits
  • Litigation and arbitration.


This partnership enables Steering Legal :

  • to provide support and develop the presence of its French and European businesses in Niger and West Africa, including physically when necessary.
  • to assist them in their development, particularly in connection of the creation of local entities, the acquisition of equity and participations in calls for tender or privatisations.
  • to be able to count on the permanent presence, experience and the know-how of Maître Oumarou Kadri, of his teams
  • to benefit from local experienced staff, who have intimate knowledge of the continent, and a network of local representatives in Africa who meet the same criteria
  • to offer our clients access to multidisciplinary teams, who are very mobile and capable of working in French, English, Arab, Portuguese and Chinese.


*In partnership with the firm of Kadri & Associés.