Litigation & Arbitration

The Litigation & Arbitration team is made up of experienced and combative lawyers who support and defend our clients before all judicial, administrative and arbitration bodies, in France and abroad.

  • Breach of an established commercial relationship
  • Commercial debt recovery
  • Securing claims and enforcing judgments (seizures and titles)
  • Economic cooperation (commercial agencies, distribution agreements)
  • Unfair competition
  • Search for and seizure of assets
  • Assistance in adjusting industrial claims
  • Defective products litigation
  • Transport law
  • Management of conflicts between partners, shareholders or directors,
  • Post-acquisition disputes, abuse of majority and minority voting rights.
  • Financial litigation
  • Cross-border litigation
  • Commercial arbitration (ICC, UNCITRAL, etc) & Investment arbitration (ICSID, Permanent Court of Arbitration, etc)
  • Post-arbitration litigation
  • Freezing of assets & Embargoes, waiver applications (Treasury Department, OFAC, etc)
  • International sanctions