The development of our clients’ international activities has led us to complete our range of services by setting up offices in various strategic areas, from an economic and geographical point of view.

This multiple and complementary geographical branches around the world guarantees greater availability and responsiveness to our clients. Steering Legal is composed from now counts 6 offices in France and 7 offices worldwide.

In each of our offices abroad, we have set up teams composed of both French and local lawyers with a wide range of experience in international business law.

5 regions in France

  • Angers
  • Fort-de-France
  • Marseille
  • Paris
  • Tours

4 areas throughout the world

  • The Middle East, through its office in the United Arab Emirates
  • Africa, through its office in Niamey and Abidjan
  • South America, through its offices in Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo and Porto Alegre
  • Asia, through its local representatives