Our 4 geographic centres

With the benefit of the international experience of its Teams, its presence abroad and its ability to work in several foreign languages, Steering Legal offers personalised, secure and direct assistance to international markets, and in particular to emerging markets, allowing it to display its recognised skill in terms of international structuring and cross-border contracts.

In order to assist our clients in the different regions where their businesses are prospering, Steering Legal has organised its business around 4 major geographic centres:

THE MIDDLE EAST with its office in Dubai

Steering Legal has worked in the Near and Middle East since the beginning of the 21st century, choosing to establish a presence in the United Arab Emirates in order to offer its clients services not only in the Middle East, but also in the entire African continent. It has opened an office in Dubai.

The United Arab Emirates, located at the crossroads of Europe, Asia and Africa, and benefiting from ultramodern infrastructures, offer businesses a real shop window and a favourable environment for international expansion.

With a vision of the entire business world via the complementarity of its lawyers and their varied career paths, the firm advises and defends:

  • Entrepreneurs, businesses, investors and public entities
  • in all the legal issues they may encounter in the Middle East
  • in all business sectors (the mining and oil industries, energy, distribution, luxury, agri-food and sport, etc.)
  • in advice, pre-litigation and litigation


AFRICA through its offices in Niamey and Abidjan

To assist its clients in their development in West Africa, Steering Legal also opened an office in Niamey , Niger in 2014, in partnership with the Kadri law firm directed by Maître Oumarou Sanda Kadri, with whom the firm has a long-term special professional and personal relationship. Steering Legal has also opened an other office in Abidjan in 2017.

This partnership enables Steering Legal :

  • to provide support and develop the presence of its clients, French and European businesses in Niger and West Africa, including physically when necessary.
  • to assist them in their development, particularly in connection with the creation of local entities, the acquisition of equity and participations in calls for tender or privatisations.
  • to be able to count on the permanent presence, experience and the know-how of Maître Oumarou Kadri, of his teams
  • to benefit from local experienced staff, who have intimate knowledge of the continent, and a network of local representatives in Africa who meet the same criteria
  • to offer our clients access to multidisciplinary teams, who are very mobile and capable of working in French, English, Arab, Portuguese and Chinese


SOUTH AMERICA with its offices in Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo and Porto Alegre

In 2018, Steering Legal continued its international expansion by opening a branch in Brazil , with offices in:

  • Rio de Janeiro
  • Porto Alegre
  • São Paulo.

Steering Legal Brazil / GMT is the product of the coming together of, beginning 2018, Steering Legal and the Brazilian business law firmGoes, Monteiro & Tocantins Advogados Associados(GMT), a multidisciplinary firm that offers its clients highly specialised and efficient legal services.

With its 120 members, including 75 lawyers, the firm has locations in Brazil’s main federal states (Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo, Rio Grande do Sul and Brasília) and works in all areas of business law, private and public, in advice as well as litigation:

  • in advice, the Firm has renowned expertise in business law and mergers & acquisitions, private equity, employment law, property law (including infrastructure construction projects and their financing), consumer law, insurance law, banking and financial law, and capital markets.

The Firm provides support to its foreign clients in their investments in Brazil by assisting them in the determination and analysis of the tax and customs impact on operations, tax optimisation of capital inputs and outputs in Brazil, assistance in the development of its clients’ activities with public administrations in project management procedures, public service concession contracts (calls for tenders), as well as the contractual guarantee of investments.

  • in litigation, the Firm has renowned expertise in both complex litigation – whether in arbitration or before national jurisdictions, particularly before the Supremo Tribunal de Justiça under the leadership of Maître Monica Goes – and in class action lawsuits, where it manages around 40,000 ongoing lawsuits for its clients.

Counted among its clients, whether they be local or foreign, are large, medium-sized and small businesses, as well as economic conglomerates, communications and property agencies, shopping centres, banks and financial institutions, investors, property and risk capital funds, sovereign wealth funds and other institutional clients.

Steering Legal Brasil /GMT is therefore able to provide support to its clients and to meet their requirements, both legal and judicial, all while adapting its advice and interventions to the developments of the Brazilian economic cycles.


ASIA through its local representatives

Steering Legalhas extended its scope of intervention to Asia – more particularly China,Taiwan, Hong Kong and Japan– since 2010.

Its collaboration with Maître Sabine Chen, Of Counsel, a Taiwanese native with more than 30 years of experience in prestigious law firms, makes it possible for Steering Legal to advise and represent the members of the Asian community.

The office works in:

  • advice and litigation
  • mainly in French, Mandarin and English
  • for a clientele made up of businesses, investors and entrepreneurs as well as public entities (foreign governments, embassies, economic missions).

Steering Legal, can therefore:

  • offer comprehensive service in business law
  • provide support to its Chinese-speaking clients in perfect Mandarin
  • address all of the legal issues its French clients encounter in this part of the world through their knowledge of the law, the culture and the Asian business world,
  • also provide support to Asian businesses and entrepreneurs who wish to gain access to European markets
  • act in connection with African-Asian-Middle Eastern cross-border transactions through its offices in Africa and the Middle East.