Our values

Steering Legal prioritises its values and work ethic and makes sure that they are shared:

  • in all of its offices
  • regionally and internationally 


Expertise : we share the same work ethic, based on skill and intellectual rigour as well as considerable professional experience, which enables us to provide support to our clients at all stages of the life of their company, in all markets and at the highest levels of law and taxation.

Pragmatism : because the law is a tool available for a company’s use and not a restriction imposed on them, we will always prioritise the success of our clients over dogmatic legal rigour, in order to supply efficient solutions that are economically viable.

Creativity : constantly seeking to offer even more efficient solutions for our clients’ projects, we undertake to apply imagination and creativity toward identifying the most favourable legal solution.

Trust: a key element that enables us to operate within the context of a peaceful relationship with our clients, thereby devoting all our energy to our cases and forging enduring business relationships, time being key for all types of investments.

Proximity : having offices in regions enables us to provide support to all our clients from day-to-day and to strengthen our human as well as professional links.

Open to the world of “Internationalisation” : because the business world is global, companies cannot plan only for expansion on local soil, but must turn to international markets. Our choice to branch out into strategic areas around the world more than a dozen years ago makes it possible for us to provide support to our clients in person today, regardless of the country or field of intervention.

Responsiveness and availability : we are in tune with the times and share the culture and the methods of our clients. We understand the challenges they face and do everything in our power to provide them with practical, suitable, and immediate answers, by being permanently accessible while doing our best to answer any questions within 24 hours.

Assertiveness : we have an experienced team dedicated to dealing with pre-litigation, legal and arbitral disputes.

Monitoring and dissemination : we keep a permanent legal watch on the areas of intervention of the firm and disseminate our knowledge through publications, training and regular on-line updates.